和平歸來全集+同名書 NT$999

和平歸來全集+同名書 NT$999


影片長度約 8.3 小時
14 個影片單元



  • 和平歸來1-7集 線上觀賞
  • 和平歸來SARS  20週年紀念專書



美國 560
加拿大 300
香港 250


第一集 白色巨塔 The hospital


In 2003, a new infectious disease (SARS) spread across Asia. Shi-Kai Lo and Yumei Chen are doctors from Taipei Bo-Ai Hospital. Under the leadership of the latest director, Bo-Ai Hospital turns into a profit oriented business model, which goes against the doctors’ initial intent to save people. But after Shi-Kai Lo fails to be promoted as the vice director of the hospital, he quits in a feat of rage. He then remembers the director’s proposal to transfer him to being an official at the Department of Health of Taipei.


第二集 零和遊戲  The system and Zero


In order to join WHO, the Taiwanese Central Government started to advocate for the “ThreeZero” disease prevention record. Compared to Taipei City, Shu-Hua Xu, the Director of the Department of Health, and the mayor, Jiu-Sheng Ye, are trying to encourage “Early Preventive Measures”. They tell the media, on their own, that they demand to categorize SARS as a Tier Four Infectious Disease. But the Surgeon General is against such a reckless execution. However, under the pressure from the media, President Mu-Kuan Chen gives in. While the Taipei City Government is basking in victory, the pandemic approaches silently….


第三集 冰山一角 Tip of the iceberg


Taipei Municipal  Bo-Ai Hospital has the first medical case that resembles SARS. Under the leadership of the Department of Health, it transfers the patient to the Medical Center, assuming that the patient is fully recovered. However, when he is being transferred, he casually throws away his infected attire. The hospital janitor picks the clothes up and unconsciously spreads  the virus across the entire hospital. 


第四集 涸轍之鮒 Trapped


Due to China’s boycott, Taiwan is unable to gain any information about the SARS virus. They can only rely on the interpretation of the experts within the Health Department. But the SARS virus is cunning, the infected individuals display different symptoms from the patients.  Yumei Chen discovers that the patients and the medical staff on the same floor start to get fever one by one. After reexaminations, they are all reported as “suspected cases of SARS”. The hospital discovers that cluster infections have been happening within, which prompted Taipei City Government to close down the hospital and summon all the patients and medical staff back. 


第五集 坐困危城 Worries by lockdown


Due to the sudden lockdown, a thousand people are trapped within a hospital with only three hundred beds. Not only was there a lack of medical resources, there’s also shortage of housing, food and human resources, causing the management system to collapse, followed by a series of chaos. The Ward 8B, where Yumei Chen serves, is considered the hardest hit area, where no one dares to come to their aid. The Taipei City government is slowly losing control, not knowing how to deal with the situation. The Ward 8B patients are diagnosed with serious illnesses and  pass away. An initial patient, Taiwanese businessman Guoqing Zhu, committed suicide by hanging himself out of the guilt of killing his wife because he hid previous travel records.


第六集 落子有悔 Followed consequences


Out of the shock of witnessing Guoqing Zhu’s suicide, a registered nurse loses her mind. Ward 8B, the hardest hit area, still cannot get help, leaving only Yumei Chen and some other medical staff to struggle. The chaos at Bo-Ai causes a huge commotion due to the media. The Director of the Health Department is overwhelmed so he requests help from the previous director, Bai-Chuan Ye . The Central Government receives pressure from all sides. President Mu-Kuan Chen orders the execution of the “36 Hours Rescue Plan”, aiming to transfer all the patients out of  Bo-Ai Hospital. Just as Shi-Kai Lo volunteers to join the rescue to Bo-Ai, alongside with Bai-Chuan Ye, Yumei Chen falls ill. 



第七集 和平歸來 None of outsiders

就在博愛醫院的危機緩解之際,陳郁美不幸染SARS過世,羅士凱自責不已,就在台北市府將陳郁美等殉職醫護奉為抗疫英雄時,羅士凱卻被咎責撤職,憤而控告市府欲討公道,沒想到市府毫無反省,選在博愛醫院重啟典禮上,羅士凱拿出手術線剪死諫,告知媒體博愛封院的真相,最後羅士凱被媒體團團包圍,他看不到未來,只看到鎂光燈閃個不停 。

As Bo-Ai Hospital recovers from the crisis, Yumei Chen unfortunately passes away due to SARS. Shi-Kai Lo is drowning in self guilt. Just when the Taipei City Government is about to commemorate Yumei Chen and other staff who have lost their lives as heroes of the pandemic, Shi-Kai Lo is blamed and dismissed. Out of rage,he accuses the government in the hope of seeking justice. But the government shows no signs of remorse. On the day of the  Bo-Ai Hospital reopening ceremony, Shi-Kai Lo threatens to end his life with a surgeon’s knife publicly to expose the whole truth of why the hospital shut down to the media . In the end, Shi-Kai Lo is surrounded by new reporters. He can see nothing in the future but blazing flashing spotlights…


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和平歸來全集+同名書 NT$999


影片長度約 8.3 小時
14 個影片單元